Guillermo Mendoza



Every afternoon I’d drop by the workshop, where a 7-ft tall man of gentle eyes would carefully organize the pieces of some old machine that had broken down in the field. That man was my grandfather.

Patiently, over the years, he passed on his love and knowledge of metals to me. At the other end of the room was the forge, whispering all her secrets…

Today that Don Pedro is not here, I continue to work into each one of my pieces a number of different metals, emotions and values, evoking his words and that strong handshake with my life-long friend.

Thank you, Grandfather!

Working hard for 2018 International Shows

2018 will be a year of challenges. I will expose my work for the first time...

“Yachana” Folding Knife

Yachana is a specie of reptile of the province of Rio Negro, comes from the Tehuelche...

“The Bagual”

“The Bagual” I lost the count of the days and weeks devoted to this work. It...

Sword Cane Vanneau

Sword cane for a french friend. Built in Guayacan with White deer horn details. In the...

Mosaic Damascus Steel

Knife built in mosaic Damascus steel like his defense. African antilope and holy wood...

Meteorito steel damascus

Damascus done with meteorite steel and handle of mamut bone.


Damascus Steel Knives

Unique pieces crafted in the style of the age-old technique used in the making of swords.


La Antigua Fragua History: Videos, exhibitions, publications and awards.


I’d like to thank my wife and children who have always encouraged me to persue what I love: thank you for your tolerance, for taking care of me and sharing my passion in everything I create.

My artisan friends who welcomed me into their world and whom I learn from every day. And Victoria, the artist who’s brought this site to life.

Thank you so much!
Guillermo Mendoza