Shop for Damascus and Recycled knives handmade by Guillermo Mendoza from La Antigua Fragua, Argentina.

Each piece is unique and unreproducible. Get yours today!

Feather Criollo 186 mm

Feather Criollo knife made of damascus steel. More than 300 layers and 3 different steels. Handle in black african Ebony. Blade measure:186 x 41 x 5.15 mm Full lenght: 320 mm Price...

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Plegable Piamontes Pluma 106 mm

Friction folder knife of damascus steel. The pattern is feather made of 3 different steel and more than 300 layers. Handle of desert Ironwood from United States with details in damascus steel. Blade measure: 106 x 34 x 3.55 mm Full lenght: 242 mm Closed lenght: 178 mm...

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Facon Criollo 220 mm

Facon of damascus of 300 layers and 3 different steel. Argentinian Guayubira with details in African Ebony and Quebracho. Blade: 220 x 38 x 4,5 mm Full Lenght: 35,5 mm Price Ar$...

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