“The Bagual”

I lost the count of the days and weeks devoted to this work. It is difficult to explain the process where a moment of inspiration, an image of your head, begins to transform into something material. And then try to transform that something material into something that seems alive. To then mix it with my other passion, the knife making.

Some may see it as an exposure object, but everything I do I try to make it useful. And with useful I mean the most indestructible and quality I can achieve.

Damascus steel dagger, with twisted multibar patron blade, defense and sculpture of criollo horse “bellaqueando” (a native criollo word that means the action of a horse when it stand in 2 legs) in the pommel, all in damascus steel. Also the grips are from Guayubira.
It has a leaf length of 320mm x 42mm wide x 6mm thick, 490mm total length.
The damascus is 300 sheets, 3 different steels.

Currently it is for sale.